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Stress is an overnight guest. Maybe a family member at Thanksgiving, or your child’s best friend staying for a sleepover. They stay, they leave, and that’s that. But anxiety is a roommate. One that you can’t seem to get rid of. People across all walks of life could be afflicted with anxiety, no matter their occupation, personal history, or age.

Your anxiety can stem from a variety of areas in your life, like past trauma, phobias, or neurological chemistry. All require different methods of treatment to help you work through your anxiety and triggers. This is why professional help can be an invaluable tool for a better future without anxiety. You might find it hard to imagine a life without triggers and social setbacks, but it is possible and attainable with Brain Storm Florida.

Trusted Experts

Dr. Franzen and his team are an experienced, attentive group that ensures your comfort, mental health, and future goals are always the number one priority during each session. With our experience and research into the cause and effect of psychiatric-related disorders, we can deliver the very best treatment plan for every patient.

Personalized Solutions

Various forms of treatment can range from psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and medication. With Brain Storm Florida on your side, you can tailor your treatment options to suit your emotional needs and goals. Your comfort is our main priority. For example, if medication is not your ideal solution, we have alternative treatment options like TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) to give you control over your mental health journey. Then we stay up to date with your progress to ensure you’re inching toward the quality of life that you deserve.

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