Emotional Regulation

Finding Control

Emotional Regulation

There is no escaping emotionally challenging moments. They are part of life, and we all have to navigate them. However, for some people, the emotions that arise in a given moment (good or bad) can feel overwhelming. That can lead to trouble if you don’t know how to regulate or manage the feelings that arise.

These overwhelming feelings can manifest in sadness, guilt, frustration, low self-worth, and anger. Without the tools to regulate the tidal wave of emotions, some people turn to self-injury. However, you don’t need to stay on this roller coaster of emotions. There is another way, and there is hope. At Brain Storm Florida, we help residents in Delray Beach gain tools for emotional regulation.

How We Can Help

We specialize in developing customized treatment plans for our patients. There are a variety of emotional regulation skills, techniques, and therapies used to help our Delray Beach area patients including:

Functional Brain Assessment

One tool we often turn to is functional brain assessment or brain mapping. This process gives us visibility into the communication pathways of your brain. It may offer insight into any underlying conditions that could impede emotional regulation.

Face-to-Face Sessions

We strongly believe in establishing connections with our patients through face-to-face sessions. These can occur virtually or in person, depending on your unique situation. We use these sessions to discuss appropriate treatment options, which may include anger management, DBT (dialectical behavior therapy), or CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) in our Delray Beach office. These sessions also give us time to discuss building healthy habits like mindfulness, sleep hygiene plans, and nutrition and exercise plans.

Treatment Plans

At Brain Storm Florida, our goal is to help our Delray Beach emotional regulation patients find long-term, sustainable solutions. We accomplish this by building customized treatment plans that our patients can continue at home.

Do you live in the Delray Beach area and struggle with emotional regulation? Our team is here to help. Call our office today to schedule your first visit.