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Find Balance

Our bodies are all about harmony and balance. Our circadian rhythm regulates sleep, our immune system fights colds, and our brains help us function and focus throughout the day. When these systems are disrupted, we can tell by our atypical behaviors and emotions.

Children and adults with ADHD have a disconnection in the brainwave that runs through the prefrontal cortex which is responsible for focused attention, decision-making, and emotional modulation. Making it more difficult for those with ADHD to function and focus, as well as those without ADHD.

At Brain Storm Florida, we want to level the playing field for those who have ADHD by helping you overcome the neurological disruptors and symptoms that make your life harder. We start by learning how your mind works, giving you guidance through these symptoms, and offering tailored solutions based on your unique neurological wiring.

Trusted Experts

With extensive experience in neuroscience research and technology, Dr. Franzen can see how your brain is connected and where you might be experiencing some anomalies. That, with an interactive treatment plan, Dr. Franzen and his team can give you invaluable insight into how you can thrive beyond your ADHD.

Personalized Solutions

Brain Storm Florida uses multiple tools at our disposal to create active solutions that help you get control of your mental health. We can look at how different parts of your brain communicate with each other using our functional brain assessment technology or “brain mapping”. With this, we can make informed decisions about your specific treatment. Then we stay up to date with how those treatments are influencing your progress and change course as needed to achieve your goals.

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