PTSD Specialists

Prioritizing Your Brain Health

PTSD Specialists

After a traumatic event, our brains can often work through and process the situation. Coupled with time to heal, an empathetic ear to listen when we need an outlet, and proper self-care, that event eventually fades into the past. However, despite our efforts, sometimes our brains simply cannot overcome the trauma. When that happens, flashbacks, severe anxiety, mood changes, or nightmares may negatively impact our daily lives. At Brain Storm Florida, we support Delray Beach residents dealing with PTSD.

The trauma specialists at our office in Delray Beach understand that PTSD symptoms are not universal. Some people may experience emotional and physical changes, while others practice a form of avoidance. Some struggle with negative thoughts, while others experience unwanted, intrusive memories. No matter what symptom (or symptoms) you face, the severity will likely change over time. Our mission is to work with each patient individually and provide targeted support.

How We Can Help

At Brain Storm Florida, we offer specific PTSD treatment plans customized to every Delray Beach patient. There are several options available, including:

Functional Brain Assessment

Brain assessments, or brain mapping performed at our Delray Beach facility, explores your brain’s neural network pathways. This process allows us to evaluate whether there are some neural network disruptions behind your PTSD symptoms.

Face-to-face Sessions

We offer virtual and in-person sessions. That way, you can determine which is best for you in this season of your life. During each session, we work to develop a personalized care plan to help you get your life back.

Treatment plans

At Brain Storm Florida, our team of trauma specialists for PTSD is committed to helping Delray Beach patients find at-home treatment options that fit their lifestyles. We highlight solutions that help stabilize your mood, reduce anxiety levels, and encourage healthy sleep.

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