Our Approach

TMS in Delray Beach

We believe in a multi-faceted approach to mental health care. Medications may be a part of this approach, but are not the right fit for everyone due to side effects or ineffectiveness. At Brain Storm Florida, we also offer a personalized form of TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) at our Delray Beach clinic. Transcranial magnetic stimulation is an FDA approved treatment for depression that stimulates your brain with magnetic pulses. TMS is a safe, pain-free treatment for those who have tried numerous antidepressants or those who are looking for a non-pharmacologic treatment option.

Brain Assessment

The functional brain assessment or “brain mapping” uses technology that will evaluate your brain’s functional connectivity. In other words, this lets us look at how different parts of your brain communicate with each other or how efficiently your brain is working. A brain that is out of sync and not performing optimally can cause many symptoms and dysfunctions that we see and treat with our mental health services in Delray Beach.

Personalized Care

Based on your brain assessment, an individualized treatment program will be developed and implemented. Common benefits of treatment include improved sleep quality, improved focus and concentration, increased mental stamina, improved anxiety, and improved mood stability.

Peak Performance

Regardless of what we do, improved performance is a goal for many. Optimizing how our brain functions and how efficient it is can lead to improved mental and physical performance. Improvements in sleep, recovery, and being able to think more clearly can lead to peak performance. Using a personalized approach to treatment can lead to enhanced performance with a drug-free, pain-free treatment approach.

For more information on our transcranial magnetic stimulation in Delray Beach or other mental health services, call Brain Storm Florida today.